Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey All

It's been awhile I know but I have been bloody busy with work (doing 60 hours a week, and hate it). I have just told Connies that I can't work Saturdays so I can have a bit of a lif and get to spend time with my boy. It's been hard not being able to see him as often as I like, but in the next few weeks we can start getting our lives back.

Other big news, Ian has quit his job at CBlu because he hated the bordem and lack of Managerial Responsibility. So he has one more week there then he wants to try and d something different. Away from all the horrible complaining customers. Doesn't know what to do yet.....but it's all good.

I'll be able to put more photo's up when I get more time....there is shit loads on our camera that needs to be uploaded onto the computer then I can show you the small things w have been up to.....

As you all know it was also Ian's birthday a few weeks ago, which gave me the day off and we veged watching movies and thn went to the Kalamunda Pub with his family and a few friends, which was really nice..... I had a bottle of wine (typical).

Other than that we both a happy and well......... We got this humungous bed the other week as well and it is the best investment we ever got. I nearly called in sick the first day we got it so I could just spend all night in it....It is bloody awesome..... it's almost as good as Astrid's Bed....(altho I never got to spend a nigt sleeping in it so or bed is still better, hehe).

We are missing everyone (both in England and People here in Aus......but we will be seeing you guys soon..... yay for us).

It's getting late (and bloody cold), so I'll sign off for now and catch up with this blog in due course............ I'll keep you posted.

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