Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bar 138

I started another job this week. It's at Bar 138, where Matty (old manager at MetroCity, and now friend's own bar) gave me a job to do Breakfasts on Monday, Tuesday n Wednesday(with a chance to work on functions if I'm available, which is cool).

This is the bar, where I move onto after I have done breakfast and have to set up for the day. It's really cool.
This is where I work from 7am til about 10.30 where I give people breaky n coffee. We also do room service fore the Medina Hotel next door.
The only downfall with this job is I have to be up at 5am to catch a bus in time to get to work. Yawn.

I also served Bromwyn Bishop (Politition) and she was a pain. Snobby cow. heheh

This week I have 3 jobs next week I am down to 2 which is cool, I might be able to get some sleep and maybe a social life. Can't wait. Do feel sad about leaving Paddy Hannan's now because all the people there are lovely and they keep telling me that they don't want me to go because I was one of the nice one's that have come to work there. The others never lasted long cause they were crap....... but I'm gonna have to keep in contact with them cause they are awesome.

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