Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Working Hard!

I've been working so much these past few weeks. I finally finished at Burswood. Saturday was my last shift, it was St Pat's Day and bloody hell was it busy. So much fun tho. Everywhere was oput of control that we couldn't do anything about it, so I just got along with it. Everybody that was in the Main Bar ( I was in there for only and hour) were so miserable cause everyone was rude. I got in there and didn't give a shit, it's my last shift do I care. hehe

Bar 138 is going good. I did the afternoon/evening shifts this week. I have to be there at 2 today (running outta time before me bus) finish around 9/10 then be at Connies at 10ish. It's gonna be a long day. I can't wait til Sunday where I can actually get a break. Need to catch up on sleep n Ian.

Ian's parents have gone over to Queensland for a couple of week's, and we have the place to ourselves, but we both are working to much to just relax and enjoy it.

Anyway better go....don't wanna miss the bus.

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